Residential Design/Build Construction Columbia MO

What is Design/Build Construction?

The Design-Build Construction process allows the Owner to work with one company throughout the entire construction process. We have the ability to provide both the construction and design services that will ensure the Owner meets their building/facility requirements.

We offer our clients the benefits that come with working with one source throughout the entire construction project. When implementing single-source planning, we act as the client representative, from determining how to best utilize a project site, working together through the design phase, to the final closeout inspection. With this process, we control scheduling, cost, and quality, guided by our clients’ needs and expectations.

Benefits of Our Design/Build Service:

  • One Goal:
    When multiple different companies are working on the same project without one overarching supervisor, priorities can get overlapped. With design/build, we handle everything from vision to final product.
  • Accountability:
    Your project is being completed by one company, and that is us. What you can expect is an even higher level of accountability with our team. We assume the responsibility for all actions along the road, so we work to make sure they are all good ones.
  • Expertise:
    With over 25-Years of service in all areas of construction, we have the level of expertise that is necessary to guarantee a quality job.
  • Collaboration:
    There has been a history of ego between designers and builders in the past. With our design/build service, all egos are pushed aside. You, the client, have all of the final say, and we provide the team to empower the next steps.
  • Honest & Often Communication:
    At GloveCon, we don’t just build buildings, we build relationships. We want to make sure that you know what is going on at all times, and if there are any changes, you will be the first person to be notified.
  • Cost Savings:
    Since we are combining all steps of the building process under one roof, we can cut off any extra costs that may occur when working with multiple companies. Our design/build service can and will save you money.

If you are looking for superior client-to-company communication, professional expertise, and a guaranteed quality product, we would love to get on the phone with you.

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